Song and Dance Festival
Rigai 800

   Wide Roads and Narrow Roads ... - Folklore and Folk-music Festival

Folklore and Folk-music Festival Wide Roads and Narrow Roads All Meet in Riga 
Venue: Bastejkalns (Bastion Hill), near the Freedom Monument, Vērmane Garden

Latvian folk songs bring together connoisseurs, heirs and maintainers of traditions from all around Latvia to Riga. Folklore day in Riga is meant to be as a joyful gathering, where "young" meet the "old", countrymen meet townspeople, children meet connoisseurs of traditions, where dances merge with songs and stories turn in plays. On this day, unrefined, but pure folk song will meet the refined music played by musicians of Riga in the Song Festival Riga 800. Folklore day will give possibility to every resident of Riga to listen to folk songs, participate in folk dancing or to tell the most interesting story from one's life. In such way, we will get acquainted with folk wisdom in the context of contemporary city. Conception of this festival is worked out by Māra Mellēna and Helmī Stalte. 

Song for Riga in the highest tower.
Large stroll with singing 
Towers are highest peaks of the city, its accents. It can be seen far from the tower and sound also travels further from the heights. Countrymen sing on top of hills, whereas townspeople have long ago started to make music in towers. Organisers of the folklore day offer possibility to the winners of the project's Pulkā eimu, pulkā teku singing contests, as well as to the guests to climb the highest tower of Riga and present their song to the capital of Latvia. 
Building dream Riga in Bastejkalns (Bastion Hill)
Each one of us has a dream house, where we would like to live. The campaign Sapņu Rīgas celšana (Building dream Riga) will offer a possibility to every participant to engage in construction and inhabiting of never ready Riga. Children will be presenting their dream houses… 
Singing on Bastejkalns (Bastion Hill)

Songs for the Freedom Monument 
Soul of the people expresses itself in song. Song can reveal happiness, it can help overcome sorrow, song can either calm or urge, but song can also fete. Songs for the Freedom Monument will homage central values of the people - Fatherland and Freedom.
Circle of storytellers - Kings of storytellers invite 
Connoisseurs of legends and folk-tales of Riga will gather in this event in order to honour folklore and skill of story telling. There will also be a special competition - the most interesting story on trip to Riga. 

Concert on the top of Bastejkalns
(Bastion Hill) 
Joy of singing brings together people who like to sing and share their skill of singing with others in a form of a concert. This will be especially suitable for those who do not wish to participate, but only observe.
Visiting Krišjānis Barons in Vērmane Garden 
Folk singers will visit father of Latvian folk songs Krišjānis Barons and embrace him with songs and flowers. 

Singing songs as they are 
In this event, ethnographic and folk groups will join together in song with the winners of Singers' contest Pulkā eimu, pulkā teku. 

Songs for the Freedom Monument
There will be 15 children's folk groups, 9 regional folklore and ethnographic groups and 9 regional folklore groups, as well as guests from Lithuania, Estonia and Omsk participating in this Folklore and Folk-music Festival. 

Translated by Nanete Neimane