Song and Dance Festival
Rigai 800

   Exhibition of Applied Arts - in Congress House of Riga

On July 27 at 12:00 Exhibition of Applied Arts will be opened in the new hall of the Congress House in Riga. The exhibition will be open to visitors for a month. At least 32 studios of applied arts from Riga will take part in this exhibition. These studios embrace all the branches of applied arts. Author of the project is a well-known artist Mārtiņš Heimrāts. Name of the exposition is Riga - City of Masters. It is a dedication to Riga, which has always been a city of excellent masters and craftsmen. Still today, every field of arts has a street named after it in the Old Town Riga, thereby the exhibition will be displayed according to the principle of these historical street names. DZĪNE, the only woodcarving studio in Riga will also participate in the exhibition, as well as studio of flora design REZĒDA. There will also be wickerwork and amber displayed, whereas various needlework will be demonstrated in a special show. It is planned that visitors of the exhibition will be able to listen to the sounds of craftsmen working that will be played in the background of the exhibition. Objects of the exhibition will not be on sale, but it will be possible to purchase works of craftsmen during the events of the Song Festival in Mežaparks and Skonto stadium.

Ilona Vanadziņa
Publication Dziesmusvētki, # 3, 2001, page 2. 

Translated by Nanete Neimane