Song and Dance Festival
Rigai 800

    Concert of the Song Festival on open-stage in Mezaparks

Expanded information on the concert

Ideological base of the Song Festival Riga 800 is singing through Riga's main roads in the direction of its heart. Ages of pop culture and mass festivals changing, the conviction that we know how to organise National festivals - rituals for the fruitfulness of spirit and soul - has not been lost. Outside Riga, there is a cyclic flow of time, but the city has also managed to retain the link of time between the past and future. In the time of technologic progress, this link is secured by streets, arteries that draw their strength in time and sing it through space. For city people, street names are key words of everyday life -ignition of vitality.

  Idea of the festival provides around three hours long consistent, multimedia choir performance. Every part of the concert has a separate idea, image and musical evolution. If we compare it with a sonnet in poetry, then all these parts, all the real and unreal roads, bridges and squares of Riga (each of them being musically visual sonnet) form a unified sonnet - hymn for Riga.  

Chief conductors of the Song Festival - Imants Kokars, Edgars Racevskis, Janis Zirnis, Romans Vanags, Maris Sirmais, Sigvards Klava.
Creative team of the Song Festival - artistic manager Sigvards Klava, stage manager Ugis Brikmanis, stage designer Aigars Ozolins.