Song and Dance Festival
Rigai 800

   Dance Performance One Sun, One Land in Skonto Stadium

July 27 and 28, 2001 at 10 p.m.

More than 200 best national dance groups from all around Latvia with approximately 5,000 dancers. Thirty dances, beginning with the golden foundation of Latvian dance and concluding with dances devoted to Riga and its residents. 17 most recognised world's and Latvian choreographers - authors of dances, who are at the same time producers of their works and masters at adapting them for monumental performances. Chief stage manager of eight Dance Festivals Ingrida Saulite is an artistic manager of the performance. Stage director - Valdis Liepins, musical manager - Juris Vaivods, stage designer - Guntars Kambars.

Skonto stadium. For the first time, the most up to date stadium in the Baltics will be turned into a large dance field shaped in a form of the map of Latvia. Four large columns of light will symbolise four regions of Latvia. Stream of dancers will flow onto the field from the place where the River Daugava, on the bank of which Riga stands already for 800 years, begins its way through Latvia.

Thirty dances resemble various sides of Latvian temperament, people's reverential attitude to Nature, their everyday life activities, as well as festive traditions and rituals of Latvian people. Riga is a central point that gathers the most characteristic features from all the regions of Latvia.
Dance patterns are made more beautiful by folkloristic and ethnographic motifs that acquire more and more lively and modern rhythms as the time passes. Dance, just like a song, makes it easier to survive in wars and battles. Dance is like a well to its essence, dance is a window to the entire world that is transparent to people of any nationality.
In the conclusion of the performance, thousands of dancers are joined together by Sudmalinas (Little Mill) in their new, contemporary interpretation - Jautras dzirnavas (Merry Mill) that is continued with a colourful festive bonfire in the sky above the stadium.

Eriks Tivums