Song and Dance Festival
Rigai 800

   The Light Emerged at Night - Riga Pantomime
on the Dome Square

During the festival, on July 26 at 10p.m. on the Dome Square, RIGA PANTOMIME will be performing a show The Light Emerged at Night. The show is staged after the motifs of Rainis' play The Fire and the Night. I had thought on staging this show already for a long time. The play The Fire and the Night, as it was staged in the Dailes Theatre, was one of the brightest artistic emotional experiences of my life, which urged me to become an actor. There were excellent actors performing this play at that time: Lilita Bērziņa (Spīdola), Alma Ābele (Laimdota), Arturs Filipsons (Lāčplēsis) and Luijs Šmits (Kangars). I managed to find a musical record of this play recorded in the Latvian Radio in 1947 and I have used fragments of this record in my show trying to produce an effect of these actors' presence. Music for the show of RIGA PANTOMIME is composed by Latvian origin Estonian composers Eino Kolists and Oskars Kolists, folklore conception is worked out by Aīda Rancāne, conception of ethnic instruments - by Andris Kapusts, but music is performed by the group ĀRPUS LAIKA. Stage and costume designer is Rita Misūne, light designer - Raimonds Daugavietis. I am the author of the script and direction. Primary theme of the show is not only a fight between light and darkness, but also contrast of good and evil in every human being. To tell the truth, I intended this performance as a present to the ensemble and spectators in honour of the RIGA PANTOMIME'S 45th anniversary and I am afraid that grand size of the Dome Square might slightly downgrade philosophy enclosed in this show. We realise that it is a large venture, since our dimensions are very little, but we have a wish to overcome ourselves and to fill people with the great light of humanity and soul that radiates from Rainis' The Fire and the Night. 

Roberts Ligers
Publication Dziesmusvētki, #3, 2001, page 3. 

Translated by Nanete Neimane