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Song and Dance Festival
Rigai 800
  • American Latvian Joint Menís Choir
    Conductors Ė MARA VARPA and ROBERTS ZUIKA.

In 1985/1986, after the initiative of Roberts Zuika, co-operation among several Latvian menís choirs started in Midwest America. Nowadays, every spring they give a concert as a joint choir, which includes Chicago menís choir (conductor Mara Varpa), Kalamazoo menís choir (conductors Roberts Zuika and Monika Daukste Ė Strautniece), Milwaukee menís choir (conductor Ernests Brusubardis III), Cleveland menís ensemble TEVZEME (conductor Andris Udris).
American Latvian joint menís choir has participated in the Latvia Song Festivals of 1990, 1993 and 1998.
In 1990, Roberts Zuika invited Toronto (Canada) menís choir VIESTURS (conductor Vizma Maksina), Boston City double quartet TEVIJA (conductor J. Ansbergs), as well as separate singers from other places of USA and Canada to join their choir, which was then given a name - American Latvian joint menís choir KALEJS.
On everyday basis, choirs work independently and give concerts in their own towns, whereas in the song festivals of Canada and USA, they come together and perform as a joint choir.
Lately, activities of American Latvian joint menís choir have slowed down. Toronto menís choir VIESTURS and Milwaukee menís choir have stopped to exist, whereas Chicago menís choir and Kalamazoo menís choir are giving concerts in Midwest America.
In the Song Festival Riga 800, American Latvian joint menís choir will be represented by Chicago menís choir and two representatives of Kalamazoo menís choir.