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Song and Dance Festival
Rigai 800
  • Menís choir BEL CHORUS
    Conductor Dag Erik Enoksen

    The choir was founded in January 9, 2001 in Harstad. There are 17 singers in the choir aged between 22 and 50. They have been selected from the experienced singers, who have previously participated in various projects, choirs and groups of North Norway.
    Conductor of the choir is Dag Erik Enoksen and pianist Hans Julius Edvardsen.
    D. E. Enoksen (28 years old) is a professional singer and conductor, as well as important person in the culture life of Harstad. He is often invited to take part as a soloist and conductor in various foreign projects.
    There is church music, Norwegian folk music and pop music in the repertoire of the choir. Two successful concert tours of the choir around the most beautiful churches of Norway should be mentioned in particular. These concerts were praised by press and by 1,700 listeners.
    It will be possible to hear the BEL CHORUS perform in Riga as well, since the chamber choir FORTIUS from Riga Pedagogy and Education Management School will host their friend choir during the Song and Dance festival Riga 800.