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Song and Dance Festival
Rigai 800
    Conductor AARNE SALUVEER

MUSIC STUDIO OF ESTONIAN TELEVISION CHILDREN`S PROGRAMS was founded at Estonian Television in autumn 1990 by Eve Viilup, conducted by Aarne Saluveer. The background singers performing at the song contest "Singing Merry-go-round" (ages 4 to 9) have today turned into ESTONIAN TELEVISION GIRLS` CHOIR, one of the most accomplished and original choirs in the world.
Today there are 25 young girls between the ages 14 to 19 in the Girls` Choir. Their repertoire consists of classical and modern choir music, sacred music; folk music accompanied by impressive dance movements and modern pop-jazz music programs. All singers are student sat music schools and play various instruments. In addition to choir singing and voice placing, girls take aerobics and dancing lessons twice a week.

The choir has been performing at:
¤ The receptions of the President of the Republic of Estonia 1996, 1997, 1998
¤ Performing at the Estonian pre-selection concerts of EUROVISION Song Contest in 1994, 1995, 1996
¤ RAIUNO Eurovision Christmas Concert in Bologna 1995
¤ Eurovision Song Contest's Culture Program in Oslo 1996
¤ Estonian Culture Week in New York 1997
¤ Moscow's 850th anniversary celebrations, the 17th World Children's and Youth Film Festival Culture Program and the 2nd World People's Music Festival in Moscow 1997
¤ Concert tours in the Nordic countries, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Latvia, Great Britain, USA, Israel etc.
¤ Concerts at ESTONIA Concert Hall, Tallinn City Concert Hall, Estonian Churches and different concert halls all over Estonia

¤ 74 TV broadcasts of all-Estonian song contest "Singing Merry Go-Round" 1992, 1993, 1994, 1996, 1998, followed by a final concert at Tallinn City Concert Hall (3000 listeners)
¤ New children's song contest "Ladybird Song Contest" (8 TV broadcasts and a final concert at the Tallinn City Concert Hall) and "CHILDREN`S SONG 95" (8 TV broadcasts and a final concert at ESTONIA Concert Hall)
¤ Staged concerts "Autumn Song", "Winter Song", "Christmas Song", "Merry Christmas!" musical production "Fairy-Tale in Fairy-Tale" etc.
¤ In autumn 1998 the Girls` choir and the Children's` choir of studio participated in the project setting of musical "King and I" (8 performances at the Tallinn City Concert Hall)

The choir is:
¤ Winner of the 2nd Estonian Children's Choir Contest 1996
¤ Medal winner at the international Cantonigros Choir Festival 1996
¤ Prize winner at the UNICEF Danny Kaye International Children's Awards 1992
¤ The Best Choir at the Baltic Sea Music Festival (1993-1995) and at Santa Claus Song 1995 Festival
¤ Choirs soloists have won many prizes at Nordic Countries Children's Song Contest in Salo, Finland, (1991-1997) and the choir's former singers Maarja-Liis Ilus and Hanna Pruuli as well as the present leading singer of the choir, Hanna-Liina Vősa are acknowledged young singers
Maarja is a performer known all over the world and has twice represented Estonia at the Eurovision Song Contest
Hanna-Liina Vősa is the only Estonian artist who was admitted to the American Musical and Drama Academy in New York in the spring of 1999

AARNE SALUVEER (born 1959) graduated from Tallinn Music Academy in 1982 as music teacher and choir conductor. During his studies Aarne Saluveer sang at Tallinn Student's Mixed Choir and chamber choir "Eller Hein". He has participated in many pop-music groups and projects as instrumentalist, singer, composer and arranger. Among the projects have been Eurovision song contest, international TV-programs and Estonian Song Festivals.
For many years Aarne Saluveer has been teaching the Orff Music Teaching Class at Tallinn Music Academy. Since 1990 he has been working as Music editor for Estonian Television Children's Programs and he is the conductor and Head of Music for music for Children's Programs Music Studio. At the Studio there are choirs for little children, children and girls of very high level and a preparatory group for children between 3-7 years. Aarne Saluveer was the Chief Conductor for little children's choirs for song festivals in 1993, 1997 and 1999.
At this moment Aarne Saluveer is the Chairman of Estonian Choral Society