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Song and Dance Festival
Rigai 800

    The very beginning of the Rostock women's choir Montagschor can be traced back to 1964 when two children's choirs were founded in Rostock under the guidance of Jochen Renz and Hans Sandig. In 1979, the choirs were merged, pioneer choir was founded and from then on, every age group had its choir - children's choir, pioneer choir and youth choir. 

    Every year, several choir rehearsal camps were organised in the tourism centre of Rostock Pioneer House. 2-3 times per month, choirs performed in various events. The choirs also went on concert tour to the former USSR - they performed in Poland, Czech Republic, Latvia and Russia. At the end of the eighties, conductor Jochen Renz was replaced by his own instructed Kristina Köhler.

    Reunion of Germany brought difficult times for the choirs - there were very few concerts, rehearsal halls regularly had to be changed, number of participants dropped…However, joy of singing was strong enough and girls' chamber choir soon had a possibility to perform again. Culmination point was chamber choir's concert trip to Braedstrup, Denmark in 1992. The number of singers grew and they decided to invite former singers of the choir to Renz's 65th birthday in 1993. After this celebration, former singers decided to meet on regular rehearsals every Monday. 

    Kristina Köhler, apart from the chamber choir, agreed to conduct Revived Choir and in June 1994, collective concert of Girls' Chamber Choir, Revived Choir, former pioneer choir - present children's choir Kinderchor Nordlichter - was organised in honour of the 30th anniversary of the choirs. This concert was also a founding concert of the choir Montagschor. After the adventurous year, singers of the Revived Choir wished to continue singing together, they integrated girls' chamber choir in their group and named the new choir Montagschor (Monday Choir - since weekly rehearsals of the choir take place on Mondays). Tradition to organise rehearsal camps every six months was also resumed. 

    Since 1996, Montagschor has a new conductor Norbert Blumeier and many new participants. Presently, there are 35 active singers in the choir. Average age of participants is 31, but the youngest member of the choir is 13 years old. Programme of Montagschor is composed of various choir music genres - its repertoire includes contemporary music, classical music, German folk songs, international folk songs, gospels and spirituals. The choir often performs in Germany. In 1995 and 1998, Montagschor went on concert tour to Riga. In 1998, it also took part in the Latvian Song and Dance Festival. In 1999, the women's choir received high evaluation in the choir contest of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Choir Union. In 2000, it participated in the Second International Choir Festival in Poland, but this year, the choir intends to qualify for the German choir contest that will take place in 2002. Montagschor will also participate with a multiform programme in the Song and Dance Festival Riga 800.