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Song and Dance Festival
Rigai 800
    Conductor Gaida Rulle

    In 1944, exile Teodors Reiters arrived in Sweden. In 1945, he founded Stockholm choir, which acquired name REITER'S CHOIR. There were around sixty to seventy participants in the choir. REITER'S CHOIR many times performed in Sweden, once in London and Norway. After the death of Teodors Reiters in 1956, his son Leons for a short time overtook guidance of the choir. Later on, the choir was renamed MID-SWEDEN LATVIAN CHOIR. Composition of the choir changed as time passed, as well as conductors: Oskars Norītis, Andris Vītoliņš, Līga Puķīte, Gaida Rulle, Magdalēna Kalniņa. Now there are around 20 participants in the STOCKHOLM LATVIAN CHOIR and it is conducted by Gaida Rulle. The choir rehearses every week and performs in various events organised by Latvians in Stockholm. 

    Since the times of REITER'S CHOIR, activities of the choir have never stopped. The choir has participated in all the European Latvian Song Festivals - in Hamburg, Hanover, Cologne, London, Visby, Leeds, Munster, Helsingborg. Separate singers of the choir have participated in Song Festivals in America and Canada. After Latvia regained its independence, the choir with unforgettable delight took part in the Latvian Song Festival in Riga in 1990, as well as in 1993 and 1998. 

    Conductor Gaida Rulle was born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1959. She has participated in all the European Latvian Song Festivals since 1964. Gaida Rulle was a leader of STOCKHOLM LATVIAN CHOIR from 1979 till 1990 and resumed her leadership in 1999. She has been head conductor of the Song Festival of 1987 in Munster and the Song Festival of 1989 in Helsingborg. Gaida Rulle has also been a leader of folk music ensembles.