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Song and Dance Festival
Rigai 800
  • Folk Dance Group of Kaunas Culture Centre SUKTINIS
    Artistic leader Laima Mintauckite – Rekasiene (since 1974)

    SUKTINIS is the oldest folk dance group in Lithuania. The group was founded in 1936 as the girls’ folk dance group. In the course of years, the small dance group grew into a large group, which now includes two compositions of dancers, ensemble of kokle (musical instrument similar to harp/zither) players, instrumental ensemble and a vocal group. In 1962, in connection to the group’s 1000th concert, it was awarded the honourable name SUKTINIS. The name was awarded for the attained achievements and for promotion of Lithuanian folk art in high artistic level.
    SUKTINIS was the first group in Lithuania that started to show thematic concert programs, which have received awards in contests.
    In 1976, for the first time Folk Dance Festival Soki tripki was held in Lithuania. During many years, it has become a traditional international festival, which takes place every two years. The best Lithuanian ensembles participate in the festival and admirers of folk dances are given possibility to get acquainted with folklore of various nations.
    By hosting guests in their home, participants of SUKTINIS have made it possible to perform in Latvia, Estonia, Moldova, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland and other countries.
    In 1994, the group passed a competition and entered the International Folklore Association C.I.O.F.F. and was invited to the International Festival in USA.
    SUKTINIS has developed nice traditions, such as evenings of ethnographic dances and games. Every year, “christening” of new members of the group takes place and this humorous theatrical performance always attracts many spectators.
    Under the guidance of the choreographer Laima Rekasiene, leader of the orchestra Tads Kviklis and leader of the vocal group Rinalda Burinskiene, SUKTINIS will keep giving pleasure to many admirers of folk art in Lithuania and in other countries. Thanks to the fact that folk dance group LELDE from the Culture House DRAUDZIBA has invited SUKTINIS to visit Riga during the Song and Dance Festival Riga 800, we will also have a possibility to see this rich in traditions artistic group. Folk dance group SUKTINIS is dancing, singing and making music already for the 65th year…