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Song and Dance Festival
Rigai 800
    Conductor TAMĀRA SEMIČEVA, concert master ŅINA ŠUBINA

    Moscow Latvian Culture Society's choir TALAVA was founded in 1993 after the initiative of Latvian ambassador in Russia at that time Jānis Peters and after the initiative of attaché in Diaspora questions Lauma Vlasova. 

    There are presently 36 participants in the choir TALAVA. The choir has several times received diplomas in choir music festival Moskovskaja vesna (Moscow Spring). It has participated in Song Festivals of the Nordic Countries and Song Festivals of the Baltics in Gotland and Skien.

    The choir promotes Latvian choir music in Russia (concerts in Vladimir, Yaroslavl) and in Moscow itself - in Tretyakov gallery, Gnesin Music Academy, Andriaki Paintings Gallery, as well as in churches and other places. 

    The choir also took part in the XXII Latvian Song Festival, but this time it will sing together with Latvian choirs in Song and Dance festival Riga 800.