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Song and Dance Festival
Rigai 800

The Vonicka Group of Folk Singers and Dancers from Havirov was founded in September 1991. Artistic leaders of the group are Emilie and Jiri Slavik. The main idea was to create three completely equivalent components of the group – dancers, musicians and singers. This idea has been fulfilled within the whole period of group’s existence.
The aim of the group is to broaden folk and save traditions in Tesin Silesia, Lachia. At present, there are 110 members in the group – 85 dancers and 25 players.
The most significant events, which emphasise artistic level of the group are:
Participation in the national festival of the top children’s groups of the Czech Republic in Kromeriþ in 1993 and 1995.
In 1994, the group was awarded the 1st prize in the Regional parade of folk groups in Roþnov pod Radhostem.
Dulcimer orchestra won the 1st prize in the national competition of folk bands and orchestras in Breclav in 1997.
During 9 years of its existence, Vonicka has completed more than 320 performances in its homeland and abroad. The group regularly organises educational concerts for schools and gives performances for general public in the town and its surroundings. Vonicka often participates in regional folk festivals in the Czech Republic. In 1995, the group was chosen to participate in the international folk festival C.I.O.F.F. in Poland. During performances abroad, spectators in Belgium, France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Poland and Lithuania admired it.
The most remarkable success in the group’s history is recent. Vonicka was awarded two of main prizes (The Best singers performance, “Joy from the Life” for the most sympathetic group) at the 53rd International festival in Dijon, France in September 1999, where 25 folk groups from whole the world took part.